Thursday, August 18, 2011

Processing tomatoes

Yes its that time again!  Many kilos of tomatoes are ready to process and we are trying different ways of preserving them for the winter. Our favorite is to cut out the hard core and roast in the oven with onion or garlic until reduced by about half.  We then 'whiz' them and freeze or bottle the 'pasata'
We also have tried drying them and bottling them whole in brine - both work but don't seem to be so useful.   Home grown tomatoes are a different animal to those bought in the shops, much sweeter and with a thinner skin so this process works even though we don't skin them first.
We are also drying our surplus figs before freezing them to make an ingredient for cakes etc.  We cut off the stalk end of really ripe figs and slice them into quarters before drying them on a mesh near our stove, works well.  We store these in the freezer,

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