Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Battling a Russian Vine

We are lucky enough to have wwoofers staying with us at the moment - Kaz and her 8 year old daughter Tru.  Great workers both of them!  Today we tackled a Russian vine that had swamped a corner of the garden.  What a job!! The vine had covered about 25 square meters and completely submerged a small shed I keep my bee equipment in.  I used a chain saw to demolish the vine but that was just a start!  The vine had strong roots over all of the area it covered and as I plan to plant gooseberries and tayberry there the roots had to come out.
We are both knackered but the ground is clear and with lots of compost dug ready for the new plants to arrive.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring is coming!

Now the winter solstice is past and the days are gradually getting longer I have started to think about spring.  I had a busy Christmas break but manged to fit in sorting our seed stock.  As we save our own seeds we always have lots (even one plat produces loads more seeds than we use in a year!)  And now is the beginning of the time to sow them.  Have sown in the poly tunnel - lettuce, rocket, radish, carrot, peas, spinach, red and white beetroot, pak choi and mizuna.  Next week I will sow (in a propagator) tomato, pepper and indoor courgette. In the poly tunnel will go spring brascicas and a few leeks.  Meanwhile in the wood the coppicing goes on and we are planting trees in the spaces opened up. I am starting to think the winter wont be long enough for all the jobs I have planned for it! (only joking)
Happy gardening (between snow)