Sunday, February 15, 2015

And now a bit of politics!

The Moral vacuum that is Capitalist consumerism.
The messages of our culture: 

 All that matters is the profit margin
  • ·         Growth in GDP is the main objective
  • ·         Large business only responsibility is to make a profit for their shareholders
  • ·         Paying as little tax as possible is ok
  • ·         Success in life is making loads of money

What we don’t often hear:

  • ·         Employers have a responsibility to their employers
  • ·         Everyone deserves a wage enough to live on
  • ·         I don’t need so much income to be happy
  • ·         What can I do to improve my local community and environment
  • ·         I know my neighbours and help them out when they need it
      How can we change this?