Thursday, December 22, 2011

Western Capitalism - what next?

The capitalism we have today is at root an immoral system as it depends on exploiting (over the recent century’s and in preset day) the powerless, using their resources (natural resources from other countries) and labour (from our own underpaid workers and those in the third world) to add to our capital to give us a better lifestyle.   Add to this the use of cheap energy which in effect exploits the future generations by creating climate change and wasting that fossil fuel capital.
Any system based on immoral ground will become corrupt as ours has.
Somehow we must come up with a new vision of what green sustainable capitalism would look like. If we are to win the argument it must be based on sound moral and ethical ground.   
Some ideas:
  • A great principle - From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.
  • A ratio between earnings in a firm of the highest wage not more than 10 times that of the lowest wage.
  • Local banks, credit unions, crowd funding to reform the credit system.
  • A return to 'sound' money where the money supply is connected to real GDP not created out of thin air. 
  • A figure of GDP and therefore growth that measures the positive healthy, activity that adds to well-being of the country and doesn't count other destructive activities as being 'growth'!
  • Community based self reliance - supporting local producers and businesses.
  • Re-skilling formal and informal being supported in every way through apprenticeships, adult education, evening classes, cheap venues in local halls etc

More ideas please.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chainsaw Mill

Yes we have bitten the bullet (after looking at all the Wood-Mizer etc options) and bought an Alaskan Mill.  With my MS 280 Stihl saw we can cut about 15 inches of width.   The saw is working hard and its slow progress.   I have decided to buy a bigger saw (from Ebay) and won a Stihl 046 which is older but much more powerful.  I will be able to leave this in the mill which will save me time.   Hope we will soon have some nice oak and chestnut gateposts and planks to sell!