Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wwoofing with a baby

Here is a picture of our wwoofers Anouk, Damien and baby Anae.
As you can see children are no obstacle to wwoofing! Our experience of small familys wwoofing is very positive.
More information about WWOOF here WWOOF UK

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sun shines on Eco-house open days

Sun shines on Eco-house open days
Clacton Eco-house EcoDIY attracted more than 80 visitors on a sunny Sunday and bank holiday Monday.  Visitors came from as far as and includes included Green party MEP candidate Rupert Read.
Rupert met the leader of the Clacton Food bank which feeds up to 80 people each Monday from food which they collect from supermarkets and other shops.   Rupert Read is campaigning for more food self-reliance in the UK and praised the movement towards growing more vegetables in gardens and allotments as happens at EcoDIY in Clacton

Attached picture is Rupert Read meeting people at EcoDIY
Left to right David Egar, Rupert Read, Peter French (Foodcycle volunteer)