Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our abortive trip to westminster

Our trip to the climate change wave was scuppered by national rails's chaos. We got as far as Colchester (with 6 other people an there we stayed for two hours till we gave up and came home!  We videoed a 'wave' on colchester station in solidarity (will put it on facebook later) Still we had lots of time to talk with the other 'wavers' which was great and still had time to hang walpaper in the extended bit of the kitchen (a cloud with a silver lining)


  1. You should be able to claim compensation from the rail company for that. Did you pick up a compensation form at the station. If you didn't it probably isn't too late to get one from Clacton station. I would have done and have done when I have been delayed on trains before.


  2. thanks, we got our money back imediately. See you sat.