Friday, December 11, 2009

Solstice or Christmas

In common with many other people I guess I find this a difficult time of year.  It seems to have become a time dedicated to consumerism instead of what is to me a turning of the year when the night start to become shorter and the days longer.  I know we have the coldest time of the year to come but somehow I feel more optimistic and start to think about the spring instead of the winter.  My favorite way of marking the season is round an outdoor log fire, not something that is easy to do in a town!  I also like to think abnout the seeds I want to plant in the new year and to sort through the seed boxes.  Anyway, wether you are thinking about Christmas or the Winter Solstice have a good celebration.

1 comment:

  1. hi chris,
    tending to agree with you, especially with cop15 and what it is attempting to achieve, our politicians never seem to be discouraging society to consume less....i feel for the turkeys too.
    cheers steve.