Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Green Party Canditate for the coming election

The local Green Party voted last night to have me as the general election candidate for Clacton.  This is something I wanted as I am committed to airing issues which effect all of us such as
  • energy policy; creating jobs by boosting energy saving and micro generation in homes and businesses;
  • coastal defense (we are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise here in Tendring) 
  • Improving public transport -  which will boost the tourist industry here.
  • Taking Climate change and future fossil fuel shortages seriously
  • Improving infrastructure in deprived communities in Tendring
  • Expanding waste recycling to cover commercial waste (most waste is commercial waste!)
All that remains now is to start fund raising for my deposit!


  1. Congratulations and happy new year. I hope you give old Carswell a run for his money!


  2. You are bound to have realistic solutions that will need to (sadly) be made pallatable to the masses.

    I have thoughts....