Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whehaay!!! (if that is how you spell it?)

Yesterday we completed our purchase of 8 acres of ancient woodland!!!   We have been looking hard for over a year for some woodland close to Clacton to buy and believe me woodland in Essex is as rare as hens teeth!
Then by chance (on colchester station when our train to the climate change march was cancelled!) we were chatting to someone who knew someone else who had left the country and had some woodland to sell.  6 nerve wracking weeks later we are the proud owners of a piece of old woodland consisting of ancient oak trees (with preservation orders on them) some overgrown sweet chestnut coppice, hazel, hornbeam and other species. This will be our fuel supply in the years to come, a place for great parties, and a retreat for quiet and regeneration.   Roll on Spring.  We do feel very lucky and a little greedy but we will share- honest.


  1. Wow! How extremely exciting! How far is it from your home?

  2. I about 6 miles form us cycleable in the summer!

  3. What a perfect example of serrendipitty (happy accident). If it hadn't been for going to the climate change march which you were happily (though it may not have seemed so at the time) unable get to, you wouldn't have met this person. Anyway, congratulations! Will planning regulations allow you to build a shed there?


  4. There is a nice shed there already, we went there today and had a fire for a kettle and came back with a load of logs for the fire, magic!