Friday, April 8, 2011

I love spring

Twenty One degrees yesterday!  My first beekeeping day of 2011 - I went through the 13 hives that went into the winter and the results were better than I had hoped for.  Eleven hives with a brood laying queen, one hive with bees but no queen or brood (I put a comb of eggs into the hive to give them a chance of making a queen cell) one hive dead - lots of food cause of death unknown.
Also the first broody hen - our bantam (a good reliable mother) now sitting on eight eggs.  And (would you believe it!!) our first courgette flower; on a plant under a large cloche made from recycled polycarbonate.   The tomato plants in the greenhouse and polytunnel are up to a foot tall and there is blossom everywhere, I love spring.


  1. So do I. Love spring that is. It is my favourite time of year, so full of life and dare I say it, hope? I just want to do so many things, not just in the garden but out there in the world.


  2. oh, bee hives! we look forward working on your farm in july (: we love bees!

    hugs and greets from austria!

    hannah & flo