Monday, May 16, 2011

Swarms in unusual places

We had a call about bees just entering the space above a porch
 The bees had already moved in but the owners allowed me to remove the side of the porch roof
We constructed a device from a snow shovel a piece of carpet and a sheet.  I slid it under the bees and used another construction of a telescopic paint pad with cardboard taped to it to dislodge the bees.
 Gingerly pulling the snow shovel covered in bees out.
 About one third of the bees were on the sheet
The bees climbed up into the basket.and the basket was propped on a ladder near where the bees were entering the roof.  The queen must have been in the basket as the bees flowed out of the roof down into the basket.
After an hour most of the bees were in the basket and were covered in a sheet and transported to their new site.   They were introduced to a hive the next morning as it was late by the time I got them home.
They are doing well and will be passed to a new beekeeper just beginning in beekeeping.

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