Friday, October 7, 2011

Start of the timber harvest.

It was an important day in the life of our wood yesterday.   We took a half ton (green) oak log to a friend with a large saw and he cut it into 75mm planks.   Sounds easy when you say it like that doesn't it!  The reality was two hours of experimenting using an engine hoist to get the log into our (newly bought) trailer, pulling the trailer onto the road using our old tractor and a nervous trip in the van to the boatyard where the saw was.

Anyway, now we have all this lovely wood!!! Steve helped by cutting the planks into rails to go onto the workshop roof to take the solar PV panels we are planning to install there and the rest of the wood should re-appear out of Steve's workshop as beautiful furniture sometime in the future.
This should be the start of many more trips to the saw as we convert our oak and chestnut buts into saleable posts and planks.  Yippee!!!

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