Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Insulating our floor - a tough job completed

Yippee!!  we have just finished insulating our floor with recycled insulation (with Steve's help)
This was probably the hardest job I have ever had to do! it involved crawling under our house fitting the insulation offcuts which we had cut to fit between the rafters under the floor.   Dark, dirty and cramped, in the course of the work we had to slide over , under and round the sewer pipes, plumbing and gas pipes (without damaging them).  The pay-off is that as well as a warmer house I now have a garage and workshop which can be used for more productive things than storing the insulation - celebration time!!
Cutting the insulation to the spacing of the rafters. 

Disappearing under the floor

We cut a hole in our office floor!


  1. I am very fond of recycled insulation and have used two types : one from recycled glass bottles, the other from plastic bottles and both doing a grand job. Would be interested to know the trade name and type of yours ?

  2. Good job, none of the Power companies or subsidised companies can do under floor (been asking them for years), been trying to find someone to do my under floor insulation (and re wrap my underfloor heating pipes) for 2 years; any offers?

  3. Re Heron's View. The insulation we used was recycled in a different sense as we had scavanged it from the skips of a firm in the industrial estate nearby which makes cold rooms. It was varieties of polyisocyanurate such as Celotex and Kingspan
    Sustainably Yours ; Thanks but no thanks (Ive had enough crawling about under floors to last me a lifetime!)