Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chainsaw Mill

Yes we have bitten the bullet (after looking at all the Wood-Mizer etc options) and bought an Alaskan Mill.  With my MS 280 Stihl saw we can cut about 15 inches of width.   The saw is working hard and its slow progress.   I have decided to buy a bigger saw (from Ebay) and won a Stihl 046 which is older but much more powerful.  I will be able to leave this in the mill which will save me time.   Hope we will soon have some nice oak and chestnut gateposts and planks to sell!


  1. Excellent, this is something my wife and I have talked about getting in the past as we have easy access to trees but no way to mill them. Nice to see it in operation.

  2. Its a bit slow but definitely do-able and better when the wood is green and easier to cut. The chain needs to be kept really sharp.

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