Sunday, May 6, 2012

The last and first

Yes it is time for the last squash (sigh!) The Crown Prince squashes kept very well in our new vegetable store but now we must do without them till the 2012 crop comes in. I am growing 'Sprinter' Butterenut squashes as well this year to try and fill the gap as soon as possible.

And the first chicks hatched on Friday - only four hatched (another weak one hatched and died later) but I cant blame the hen as she sat solidly through the rain storms and cold - snug in her little coup.  Two more hens are sitting so I hope for a better hatch next time. 

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  1. Just happened across your blog; seems like a coincidence just finished eating roast squash, and have a squash soup cooking!

    First time we have kept squashes where we used to have a hot water tank in the bathroom. We were amazed we could keep a squash so long. Even if the skin was very tough to peel!