Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ben Laws magic wood!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to do a one day workshop with Ben law (of the Grand Designs woodland house fame) It was a great day. Along with 10 others who had woodlands or hoped to own woods in the future we walked around Prickly Nut wood with Ben and saw what coppicing should look like. We deluged him with questions on all topics from; planning problems for living in your working wood, dealing with pests like rabbits and squirrels (tasty apparently!) how large an area to coppice at once and lots more. We sat in his open fronted shelter (where he lived before building his house and drank tea. The shelter was magical enough being made from a living tree with a round brick hearth and clay walls. A wonderful day and I returned bursting with plans and ideas. The forestry commission officer has now sent us forms for our felling licence and I am exploring the grants available to help us re-vitalise Glebe wood.

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