Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Estra

 Picture is Druids Well, thanks to Megalithix
EASTER is a time when we used to remember  the goddess Estra, The Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring and rebirth (fertility). ‘Christianized’ in the eight century.
The symbol of the egg, which was already being used in Easter festivities at this time, had been a pagan symbol representing fertility and re-birth in pagan times.  This was always a time (and still is for some like me) when we can move our thoughts from the harshness of winter to the soft abundance of spring (just a little late arriving this year!)
Enjoy the spring flowers (my bees are!)


  1. Surely the celebration of Estra would have been on a fixed date ?
    Whereas the Christian clebration of Easter is on a moveable date.

  2. On the contrary, the fact that Easter is linked to a lunar cycle would reflect ever more in the more ancient origins. Estra was also connected to the moon and Spring. The concept of a 'fixed date' is meaningless when referring to most pre-christian cultures.