Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Apple processing - rings, juice and fruit leather.

Cutting up windfall apples to make into juice, stewed apples, apple rings and fruit leather.
The juice is preserved in the freezer or in jars using the usual bottling method which means heating the juice - changes the flavour a little but does work!

Apple rings drying above our stove - I rate this as the top way of sustainable apple preservation.   They will last for a year easily and make good snacks as well as additions to baking or re-hydrated for stewed apple puddings 

Fruit leather - a thin layer of fruit mush dried will keep for ages in an airtight jar.   We have experimented and rate a mix of apple a raspberry (sieved ) as the best.   Add a little sugar but not too much as the leather goes sticky if over sugared.   The leather in the picture was apple and not sieved which accounts for its (slightly unappetizing  appearance)

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