Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Report of our solar production in 2012

We have two solar PV (electricity producing) systems one to power batteries to run the house and a second larger system which feeds into the grid (and earns us money!)
The inverter on the battery system is rated at 1.7 KVA and the panels at 1.6 KW. Our larger grid tied system is rated at 3.8 KW
I have just done the sums for this year and the production after losses (at the export meter) of the smaller system was 398 KWh and the larger system (grid tied) was 3100 KWh we do not export from the smaller system. The total generated from the smaller (battery) system measured at the output from the panels is 4077 KWh from the date of installation 08/03/2008 or about 815 KWh per year - there are large losses if you use batteries to store the electricity but it means we can use it after dark.
So electricity that we bought from the grid in 2012 is 1402 KWh
Total electricity generated at mains voltage is about 3498 KWh  at the moment I cant record how much of the solar mains electricity from the larger system we use ourselves, hopefully next year.

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