Friday, November 20, 2009

I despair of our MP

I have been following our MP Douglas Carswell's blog recently and have had some correspondence with him as well.  Although he may be a good MP for getting involved locally his voting record and general lack of acceptance of the things that are important to me fills me withy despair!  He doesn’t accept the coming peak oil crisis (fuel prices rocketing as the rate of using fossil fuels outstrips supply, he doesn’t believe in climate change and as a result (incredibly) doesn’t seem to expect a rise in sea level.  How this works with a council commissioning a recent report to quantify how much the sea defences would cost to protect Jaywick from the sea level rise predicted by the environment agency I can’t imagine.  I can’t see how this is good for Clacton when we should be fighting our corner to get national funds to protect us from the climate change effects
Link to Tendring report:

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