Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The shortest fast in history

Off to the docs today for a 'fasting' blood test and ecg I had top go without breakfast till 10.30 - the nurse seemed concerned that I might faint! I reassures that my last fast was for 5 days and I survived that unscathed! I am trying to understand the government's new proposal for reducing CO2 (coming into force next year) as I am supposed to be doing a talk at the green party meeting this evening. Takes some ploughing through! and its still a bit short on detail. I think we need to watch their plans for 'sustainable' biofuel (planned to make up 10% of our transport fuel by 2020. The sustainable heat incentive looks good though - paying for the heat from solar thermal panels etc. Have started pages on our website to give information and links about the current and upcoming grants and payments, not finished yet but under construction.

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