Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winter tomatoes and vegetables

I like to experiment in the garden.  This year I have planted out some (self sown) tomatoes in the greenhouse to grow over winter. At the moment they are doing well (will add a picture later) Our greenhouse is double glazed with recycled polycarbonate and has a solar heat storage system to keep it warmer at night so it may work.  I will report on their progress. As well as the tomatoes there are carrots, beetroot, pak choi, ivy leaf spinach, sugar snap peas and winter lettuce growing in the poly tunnel. Outside there are carrot and Feltham first peas (under cloches) broad beans, onion seed and sets, garlic, lots of rocket, rape (as green manure and chicken food) mustard and tares (as green manure), purple sprouting and winter cabbage. 

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