Monday, November 9, 2009

Sad day for Talkwood

Talkwood is an enterprise consisting two parts: Talkwood recycling is a new business taking pallets which would have been land filled and turning them into kindling for sale on garage forecourts. The other part of the business is an allotment where flowers and vegetables are grown for sale to the public.   Their workforce is mostly people who might find it difficult to find employment elsewhere. Talkwood has been funded by the mental health Services. The funding has run out and the business must close after less than a year.  On the face of it they are very successful .  They are finding loads of businesses which will pay to have their waste wood taken away.  They have a market for their product.  They are reducing land fill (something the government and council are committed to do) and they are reducing CO2 emissions by providing people with waste wood to burn instead of fossil fuel based firelighters.  Surely the small amount of funding they need to keep them going till their business is profitable can be found by one of the parties interested in any of the objectives met by the list above!!

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  1. That's a shame. Clacton desperately needs projects like this. I know someone who is a volunteer there and she gets a lot out of it. I hope that another funding body may be found to take it over before its too late. I think Tendring Mental Health Support partly funds it and they have recently made cuts by closing their drop-in centre, Dorson House, because their funding has been cut. There must be another way of funding Talkwood.